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Tiny Runnin' Rebels Soccer "KoT" (18mo to 3yrs)

Our Tiny KOT classes for children ages 18 month to 3 years provide young children the opportunity to expand their gross motor skills with a progressive focus on helping them make the connection between their thoughts and ideas to what’s going on in the world around them.  Tiny KOT provides a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment for parents and children to grow and play together.

Little Runnin’ Rebels Soccer “KoT” (3yrs to 4 yrs)

 With an emphasis on balance and coordination, these young players will begin to explore basic soccer fundamentals through games and drills that enhance their foot-eye coordination. Concepts of teamwork are supported with cooperation using team and paired play. Our young students in this stage will begin to refine their gross motor skills (communication and socialisation) and cognitive learning (sorting and organising objects) as well as begin learning some of the essential fundamentals for the game of soccer. To aid in your child’s soccer development this class will begin to focus on the team context combining children into team oriented activities and relay activities. Group activities encourage participation, cooperation amongst class mates, helping the kids learn to sort their differences peacefully.

Junior Runnin’ Rebels Soccer “KoT” (5 yrs to 6 yrs)

In this class students will begin fine tuning their basic soccer fundamentals while working on their technical skills, matchplay and a whole lot more. They are supported with opportunities to practise new and already mastered skills in an environment that encourages active team participation. Technical instruction and social awareness guide our game play. The kids continue to learn balance and coordination, health and fitness.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing, soccer boots are not necessary. There will be a drinks break, please bring a drink! 

18mo/2yrs is 40min – 3yrs/4yrs/5yrs/6yrs is 50min 

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